Orchestral darkwave influenced by: Angelo Badalamenti, The Cure, Rush, New Order, Portishead, Killing Joke, Slowdive, Clan of Xymox, This Mortal Coil, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Michael Andrews (Donnie Darko), Tears for Fears, Love Spirals Downwards, Black Sabbath, Jamiroquai, Thomas Dolby, Kent, Morcheeba, Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Testament, Idaho, Julee Cruise, Kraftwerk, John Carpenter, Japan, Skinny Puppy, Abandoned Pools, DJ Spooky, Joseph Arthur, Claire Voyant, Goldfrapp, Katatonia and Acid Bath.

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What people have been saying:

Just You Watch, He Said

Nice mysterious jazz sound, like a detective theme. Good groove and tempo feels. Love the pads used and interesting changes. I like the way the tempo and mood picked up. Very nice. A PLEASANT SYMMETRY

Change of pace - literally. I really like what you have done here. Very interesting and accessible music. I like the story just as much. A Syeles

Reflection on the Water

Simply beautiful. This made me feel so absolutely calm and serene. The simplicity is striking and it flows gorgeously.

The Weight of the Sky

Very melodic. Really good melodies here, and some nice chord changes - the basis for a solid song... Really nice job overall.
Too Many Toys

Why Are You Still Here?

Nice quadrature of feelings.... Really tells a story with a unique ambience of the unknown. Each has it's own dark mystery unfold with confusion and hardships until the end as he finds his way back somehow. Great piece here, gets the mind working and stimulated. Yes, this would make a good soundtrack to a movie for sure. Rb RockSter

Maybe he will find an answer somewhere in the ocean...or maybe in the sky. Cyan is the color that gives our lives a different meaning. I love any color that is blue related. Lovely sounds going on here. Eric Hyde

Late Shift at The Terminal Cafe

...the synth melody is beautiful enough; that deserves a full ten.

I'm on the second shift myself! After seeing all your songs and their respective categories I bet you rule all over the classical charts! =) I like the way the bass line snakes around in the back and provides the meat and direction of this tune - kind of an Alan Parsons thing. Eric Myers

Trouble with Inertia

Fantabulous as usual. Great melody, fantastic piano, great bass and excellent harmony. And I, personally, think you've got very cool influences. theotoky (no website yet)

One bad bunch of influencers you have here on your list. Ach, himmel, and regarding troubles with inertia: Don't give up - if looks could kill, they probably will (games without frontiers), but THEY DO NOT. CHEEZE! Mauseoleum

The Lost Balloon

I enjoyed the interesting movement to this song. Sounds hard to fit into a genre. I think you picked a good one. It's a great "storytelling song." Great changes of rythm and feel to the song. I like your work here. I'll have to come check out some of your other music when I have the time. Haven Yates

An awesome musical journey floating over many venues and then the wind changes directions and gently sends it elsewhere. This definitely has the feel of the title. Nice Track! hard rain

Why don't you tell me what color it is, maybe I've seen it. This song has a strange happy atonal charecter to it. I don't think I have heard anything like it before. I like it. A simple idea; Bach would be proud... Danny Berk

Floating... The melody in this does that, driven along by the bass and drums. Nice change of beats. The strings are very intriguing. Excellent work, my friend. If I could do this I would consider writing :-) movado242

This grabbed my attention from the first note. Very interesting composition here. Nice work. The sound quality is exceptional. Good production work... sounds great coming out of my speakers. ...I like your keyboard sound. How'd ya do it? I love it. In the playlist now. 2handshining

Rainfall in the City Tonight

...the tune here is so relaxing...and very well written and played. The sound production was excellent. I liked the fade out then back in at the 2:15 mark. Let me know when you put up another song Lenis Jester

I really love this one! I don't know exactly how to explain why. Sorry, I know that's not very helpful. But it's beautiful - very melodic. And it definitely gives the feeling of movement. SissyChrissy1

This is very soothing and relaxing. Can hear the Morcheeba influence in it cos we are big lovers of Morcheeba, too. Excellent work. Cheers. 2 Placid

This is very nice composition, but it's expression relies on THIS SOUND! How did you get THIS SOUND? What do you use to get this sound? Mauseoleum

Valley of the Razor Blades

It's a baroque feelin' in this one, and it would sound great even witout the drum loop. In its' architecture and harmonic changes, "Valley of the Razor Blades" reminds me of the castle of Schwerin/Germany. Would sound nice in one of their halls in an misty autumn night.

ensemble variable

Has a very lush full sound to it. A very dramatic piece, good for you. Keep em coming. Still would like to see a movie with your music in it.

Awesome strings...........Man, this is sending a chill down my spine........... Has that nice chilled out and relaxed tempo... Real mellow and also contains some cinematic qualities... Excellent piece, man......
Patient X

I like how it gradually shifts to a more energetic level with more frenzy, if you will, in the melody.

I like the mood you have happening on this one. Nice production, too. I like how the various sections flow into each other. Great work!
Blue Attitude

You have done a great job here. This is a beautiful song. Loved it. Great work.

Excellent work. Love the melody and classical touch. Much respect!!!
Dj Karash

A Skeletal Search

The bass intro reminds me of something. Can't put my finger on it. Vibes are a different touch. Production is very good. Interesting shifts in tempo.

Your best to date. Flowing, cohesive, excellent bass line and I can dance to it. ;-) Good work.
theotoky (site coming soon)

I love the xylophones, and the mood shifts. A very atmospheric and charming composition, with this undertone of wistfulness -- like watching a rain-soaked world moving past your window in a dream.

I love how this starts out, the keys are really sweet...I really dig the story line! I seem to hear some classical influences here...nice touch. I like the different "parts", follows along the story... Very nice listening here dude, You did an awesome job. ...
The Cos

Hmmm...you got me with all that vibe work...I'm a sucker for that sound. I like the tempo and mix...you did a wonderful job.

The Answer is C

I like your lead string line a lot. The drum pattern change is cool. I'm not used to hearing drums with classical, but it works here for some reason. Nice work...I'll check some more of your songs. Thanks for the kind review. Bill Myers

The answer.... is "remarkable". This is a very compelling composition and evokes an occasional feeling of "darkness" as well as "freedom". Very well arranged, perfectly executed. Good for you. We like. Bradford:Alan:Davidson

This is a brooding piece with a lingering string melody... nice harmonic modulations and some intregal classical motifs used. Nice Work ! Orange

Nice classical elements, but a modern feel - cinematic and full of intent. .\\oteg

Great job with the synths, and the downtempo/trip hop feel that the drums gave it, and the low bass. (string or electric?) Very nice song. DJ Djembe

I can see it in my head! I especially like the parts after the first and second breaks. Good work! Rio X

Excellent writing. Great melody and perfect flow between movements. theotoky (site coming soon )

Destination: X

Much more so than Laura Branigan, this makes me want to ride my ten-speed through the foothills at an even clip of 45 mph, looking almost ever-forward, risking a glance every now and again at the splendor of the valley below. It makes me feel mighty in a soothing way. (And Iadara finds it relaxing, as well!) 18th-Level Anti-Paladin

Man this one is really hard to define, I mean that in a good way. I liked Destination: X from the start. Very original and clever track, I like the story that goes with the music. A beautiful journey.
Aeon Circle

This is very nice. That whole intro just sucked me in and never let me out. Then it gave me a break and went on to something else and sounded just as good as well. Very nice piece of work you have here sir. Peace. S!lent Thunder

I hope to head of on a similar journey some time soon, only to absorb as much of the world music as I can take. Your track has a great 'Theme' feel and the melody breaks the track up well. Great job here Cyanogen!!! Allen Kedea

You're description of this song makes me want to take a road trip to find myself as well. Now I've taken many "trips", but not like you've described. lol. The mix is super tight and the stream sound great. Good synth work as well. Thanks for review. Peace! DJ Matt Scratch

Deadly Nightshade

I kept waiting to hear Robert Smith start singing................and that is a good thing!!! :) Loved the tempo changes especially. Excellent!
Canadian Studmuffin

I love the stories behind your songs, it really adds something! Great song, neat combinations of styles! Rio X

Muy excellante! Crazy good stuff again. You really need to be writing for the movies. This is the perfect background for some creepy, trippy lynchy kinda thang. theotoky (site coming soon)

Searching for the Bodies

You have a very unique style which is further enhanced by excellent playing and production. ...This is dark and smooth, how nice. Tatia Smith

Peter Lorre... "I'm not going to hurt you, I'm only going to stab you"......that nasal voice and big wet eyes...heh heh. Used to love him. Anyway, this is surely great soundtrack music for any number of pictures. Most would be dark of course. But it is very well done, and moving. Nice stuff. I think the classical force in you is strong. This is hauntingly lovely. Sort of sad and mysterious. I see night...a solitary figure looks out the windows at the black bare branches moving in the wind like dark fingers scratching at the night sky. The figure seems to be in contemplation of past events that have brought sadness. It is lonely. The candle gutters in a draft as the wind sighs through a crack around the window. The figure shudders a little and pulls a black shawl a little closer around her body. She sees in a lightning flash the one she is thinking of standing by the gate.....and then he is gone. Oops, sorry, you got me carried away there with this very visual music. Excellent piece. Thanks for posting it. Goxnadly

The Land of Wind and Ghosts

Just when I thought cyanogen had given us his best with "Meet Me Tonight at the Old Warehouse", he throws this song our way. The Kate Bush influence is evident and this piece showcases his affinity for piano. I won't be surprised when I hear this on a soundtrack for some dreamy, surrealist movie. theotoky (site coming soon)

Meet Me Tonight at the Old Warehouse

Angelo Badalamenti would be proud! An aural backdrop for an eerie summer evening...searchlights flashing across a dark field, illuminating a pale human arm... beautiful and ominous! Kit Messick, The Mirror Reveals

This would totally make an excellent soundtrack, a la John Carpenter. Great thought and structure to a tune that really tells a story. Too cool…

Souls Breaking Open

My favourite so far... Intoxicating, moody, haunting, beautiful. Reminds me of the dark back hallways of the Limelight. theotoky (site coming soon)

When I hear this song, I envision our protagonist alone in his car, the lights of the city reflected off the windshield, as he scans the seedy side of town for some unknown villain... or victim. Kit Messick, The Mirror Reveals

Has a wonderfully grand, haunting feeling to it. Very tight progressions and a joy to hear through… Very cool… Serpentine

Dancing in a Shoe Store

This piece masterfully showcases the artist's versatility. Throughout the piece, we are taken on a journey though many moods & styles. Each movement is distinctly different while maintaining a flow and cohesiveness to the overall piece. Excellent work. I look forward to hearing more from you. theotoky (site coming soon)

A Winter Afternoon in Prague

Another fantastic bit o' work here. It made me want to do something... I'm just not entirely sure what. Drink absinthe on a bridge most likely.. Dead Joe (aka momus)

Haunting and evocative...An aural landscape of a cold day in the eastern bloc...melancholy and lovely... I saw visions of trains and telephone wires, of lovers parting, of winter arriving. I keep playing this one over and over... Kit Messick, The Mirror Reveals

Rings of Saturn

Maybe it's only a keyboard... but... this has something... I can't find the words, but I like it a lot. Awesome track. Relaxing and a bit scary. Dead Samurai