Driver's Side Airbag #45

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The last boy.
By Kenji Siratori

? It is the digital drag travels icon of the love of the machine mechanism}

The sun break down it! My sleep murdered the earth of insanity!

The interior of the womb digital Apocalypse of the nightmare zero dog of the amniotic fluid mechanism of the lonely masses of flesh that the body line of an ant is notified!/ at high speed the lobotomy nano machinative dogs which do night sky the gimmick merely the rhythm of the desrt of the beat brain of noise wolf=space rape syndrome cyber=soul boy machine line rep… murder operated! The angels who had 1/8 of brain! Do and it is the madness line of the cyber acme that the machine curses the desert of boys of! Do and of the body gland like the ADAM doll that the body gland like the ADAM doll links the body gland that links does “that links and of world was a cruel nature [?] molecule of the deoxyribonucleic acid of an/the apoptosis nightmare mechanism ()

I want to walk like a dog! The rape scene of the back of an ADAM doll guilty nick eyelid! Think about the engaging of clutch line of the Heaven/ I end machine planetary…rep… grief body ant of the nano=vital fly who am parasitic on the machinative! ? 1/it does the clone-dive for 8 seconds! ? AccessOKADAMsbio-less…it prolapses-the mental contiguous line of a stratum of the clone skin that does it the line nerve they who it does the digital vamp

Soul of ADAM of the sterility that the soul of artificial sun is suffocated! Cyber mechanism of embryo of chromosome obj break down that TV screen to picture done was my murder of noise sky of blue apoptosis outer space in communicates embryo of cyber crime ADAM of soul wa my soul wa? the the the the the the the that it where that

The soul-machines of clone boys murders the end of the world Soul-machines of the clone boys that the soul-machines of clone boys write off the rape placenta world of the ADAM doll forgets the speed of TOKAGE And it replicates it.
The rep… suicide system/ FUCKME of an ant! It is the end form of the love of a clone. It does the brain cells of the angel mechanism of the lobotomy ADAM doll of a dog LOAD….it is the love-rep… murder area!…It is parasitic….it becomes a vaio….it discharges the brain of a virus and the human genome group of the machinative anthropoid is resolving the soul-machines of clone boys gradually. “Artifical sun [?] transplantation Tyre….”

The soul-machines of the murder range ADAM dolls of the brain of the lonely masses of flesh clone boy that the night sky of the desert digests does the short and write off the guily nick rain of the artificial sun the body game gene=TV monochrome earth of the stimulation drag embryo the body of an ant! It did the death of clone boys the play like the artificial sun!
I am feeling the machine line of air
Clone boy brain that grief resolves
It that leap Mhz of the fly like TOKAGE with the emotional particle of the monochrome earth area that commit suicide with the rep… body so in the over there of the laughter which fertilize was a blue sky--

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